Comfier Full Neck & Back Massager with Air Compress & Shiatsu-2309A

The work routine has become stressful and tiring. Indeed, you can always book a pleasant spa appointment after a tiring day at work. However, nothing competed for the relaxation from this Shiatsu Neck and back massager. It has advanced 2D & 3D finger pressure shiatsu along with heat technology to provide a luxury experience.

Features of Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

A unique, innovative mode that exhibits the best of technology. Here are the features of this massage chair.

  • Removable and easy to wash cover for the neck
  • Easy to remove the flap
  • It comes with the UL home adapter
  • Can shift from 2D to 3D Shiatsu using a controller
  • The vibration feature can be controlled according to low, medium to high preference
  • You can easily adjust four shiatsu nodes according to your requirement
  • This advanced technology allows you to target specific body areas rather than working as a whole body massager
  • The seat can be switched on to have waist and hip massage
  • The advanced rolling feature allows the nodes to move up and down adjacent to back muscles
  • You can customize the nodes to fit the massage nodes to get a better massage experience as well


Shiatsu’s Benefits


A creative 2D & 3D massage provides deep acupressure massage that helps deal with sore muscles. Moreover, four unique shiatsu nodes provide deeper relaxation by adjusting the back massager to fit the body perfectly.

In addition, Spot massage technology concentrates on specific muscles to provide targeted hear and compression for the body parts. The 4 special nodes make it more targeted. With the shiatsu, you can especially target waist and hip for better massage experience. Moreover, the best thing about this massager is that you can use it anywhere. You can place the massage chair on your sofas, chairs, etc.

Shiatsu’s discriminative factor

Shiatsu gives you a complete luxury experience remotely. You can use the innovative Shiatsu massager anywhere you want to. The price is worth the benefits one can have from this product. The unique idea and innovative technology make it a spa-like relaxation in the comfort of your own house.