Are you tired of dealing with muscle pain and fatigue? Look no further than the COMFIER Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator, your ultimate solution for pain relief therapy. Our advanced device offers a wide range of features and modes to help you find the perfect massage experience for your specific needs.

Featuring 24 pre-set massage modes, including kneading, acupuncture, beat, cupping, scraping, and taichi, our muscle stimulator offers unparalleled versatility. Whether you're experiencing muscle tension in your shoulders, lower back, or knees due to exercise, daily activities, or work, our device is here to help you find relief and relaxation.



One of the standout features of our muscle stimulator is the independent mode control for Channel A and B. This unique functionality allows you to set different modes for each channel, enabling you to target two different body areas simultaneously or share the device with a partner. With separate modes and intensities, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect combination that suits your needs.


Say goodbye to the hassle of selecting your preferred modes repeatedly. Our muscle stimulator incorporates a convenient Memory Function that remembers and sets the massage mode you last applied. This eliminates the need for manual selection every time you power on the device, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free experience.


Operating our Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator is a breeze, even for elderly users. The smart touching control panels can be easily navigated with a stylus pen or your finger, providing a user-friendly interface. Directly target specific massage functions with ease, making your experience more efficient and enjoyable.


With adjustable intensity levels, our rechargeable TENS unit ensures personalized comfort and efficacy. Choose from 20 intensity levels to customize the frequency of the electrical impulses, tailoring the treatment to your individual needs.

We understand the importance of time management during your massage sessions. That's why our Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator includes a timer function, allowing you to set an operating time limit of 10-60 minutes. This ensures a controlled and optimal massage experience.

To enhance your experience, we've included 8 reusable electrode pads with strong self-adhesive properties for better performance. With 2 outputs, you can target multiple areas simultaneously, providing comprehensive pain relief therapy.


The COMFIER Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator is not only a game-changer in pain relief therapy but also makes for an ideal gift. Whether it's for your loved ones, such as mom, dad, women, or men, on special occasions like birthdays or Mother's Day, our device is a thoughtful and practical gift that promotes wellness and relaxation.